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nRF Sniffer support for Wireshark v2.0.3


My setup:

  • Host: Windows 10, 64 bit
  • CPU: x86_64
  • Wireshark: v2.0.3 nRF
  • sniffer: v1.0.0
  • nRF Dongle: Segger, PCA100000, v2.2.0 (nRF51822QFAA based board)

Followed the Sniffer guide to successfully flash the dongle and start the sniffer application, however packet capturing is not working. Wireshark crashes and I see the message logged on the console that wireshark v2.0.3 is not supported. Is there a plan to add support for latest version of wireshark (v2.0.3) ?

  • I think it might be the best idea, if more work is done on it, to change the output format from the raw data format from the sniffer which is interpreted by wireshark by a custom dissector to one of the supported BTLE formats, now they are baked in.

    I'm thinking of fixing the OSX version, which I just updated the plugin for 2.0.3 for, to output in WTAP_ENCAP_BLUETOOTH_LE_LL_WITH_PHDR format, which I think there's just about enough data to do. That ought to dissect natively without ever needing another plugin.

    I would have done it yesterday but I'd crawled through enough undocumented code for one day

  • The nRF Sniffer currently works best with the 1.10.x version of Wireshark, it is unlikely to be updated to the 2.x version of Wireshark in the immediate future, support may eventually come but don't wait for it.


    Edit: (Jan 2018) nRF Sniffer support for Wireshark 2.4.1 and greater is now available as nRF Sniffer v2

  • Thank you for confirmation. I started to use Wireshark version 1.12.11 and it seem to work fine so far.

  • Please use 1.10.x only. 1.12.x has issues in the dissection.

  • Oh, Okay, I pseudo-randomly picked 1.10.10 (The sniffer guide says, 1.10.1 or later). Suggestion: Please add this information in the sniffer guide or in the release notes.