sd_ble_gap_data_length_update error 0x13


I have a problem changing the max_rx_octets and max_tx_octets parameters with the sd_ble_gap_data_length_update function. On request from the app the size is attempted to be changed to the maximum value of 251.

I receive a 0x13 error (NRF_ERROR_RESOURCES), and the limitation struct states that the size is 101 bytes too long.

On connection the data length is attempted to be changed to 255 and I have not investigated this.

In sdkconfig.h following is configured: #define NRF_SDH_BLE_GATT_MAX_MTU_SIZE 251

Using S132 rev. 5.0.0 SoftDevice.

Thanks in advance.

Here is a log from the communication.

[009.000 ble cmp] ble_mms_on_ble_evt: Connected
[009.000 ble inf] nrf_ble_gatt_on_ble_evt: BLE_GAP_EVT_CONNECTED
[009.000 ble deb] Requesting to update ATT MTU to 64 bytes on connection 0x0.
[009.000 ble deb] on_connected_evt: data length 255 > 27
[009.000 ble deb] Requesting to update data length to 255 on connection 0x0.
[009.000 ble err] data_length_update size=255, time=0
[009.000 ble err] sd_ble_gap_data_length_update() (request) on connection 0x0 returned unexpected value 0x7.
[009.000 ble err] Limitations: rx=0 tx=0 time=0
[009.000 ble cmp] ble_evt_handler: Other: 0x3A
[009.000 ble cmp] ble_mms_on_ble_evt: Other: 0x3A
[009.000 ble inf] nrf_ble_gatt_on_ble_evt: BLE_GATTC_EVT_EXCHANGE_MTU_RSP
[009.000 ble deb] ATT MTU updated to 64 bytes on connection 0x0 (response).
[009.000 ble cmp] gatt_evt_handler: Data len is set to 0x3D (61)
[009.000 ble cmp] ble_evt_handler: BLE_GAP_EVT_DATA_LENGTH_UPDATE_REQUEST
[009.000 ble cmp] ble_mms_on_ble_evt: Other: 0x23
[009.000 ble inf] nrf_ble_gatt_on_ble_evt: BLE_GAP_EVT_DATA_LENGTH_UPDATE_REQUEST
[009.000 ble deb] Peer on connection 0x0 requested a data length of 251 bytes.
[009.000 ble deb] Updating data length to 251 bytes on connection 0x0.
[009.000 ble err] sd_ble_gap_data_length_update() (reply) returned unexpected value 0x13.
[009.000 ble err] Limitations: rx=101 tx=101 time=1612
[017.000 ble cmp] Disconnected
[017.000 ble cmp] ble_mms_on_ble_evt: Disonnected
[017.000 ble inf] nrf_ble_gatt_on_ble_evt: BLE_GAP_EVT_DISCONNECTED