How to add mesh into nRF5 SDK v14.1/v15 BLE application ?

What do I need to know to add mesh functionality into a normal BLE application ?

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  • hi, i am trying to add mesh_sdk v1.0.1 to nrf5 sdk v14.2.0 ble_uart_examlple,

    i have done all the steps which is mentioned here.

    but i am not able understancd Concurrent SoftDevice and mesh activity
    part wehewe it syas that keep connection interval and adv interval as large as posible. and also reduce the mesh activity.

    i have also refred the hung bui's  Light switch server + ble app proximity. but i am getting provisioning done.

    i have atteched my project folder.

    please help me out

    but even after that i am not getting provision in light switch server.ble_app_uart_mesh.rar

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