UARTE receive timeout (RXTO)


I have a question regarding the nrf uart driver. The RXTO event is never triggered even though the Interrupt itself is enabled (and the line is idle after a packet, so the timeout should happen unless it's set as something unusably long, > 1 sec). I've seen this similar question, but it's over a year old and there were quite a few updates of the SDK in between, plus there is a event_rxto in the SDK / UARTE, it just never fires. Just to be clear, the uarte rxto interrupt nor the endrx interrupt are triggered when the line is idle, I get the endrx interrupt/event when the buffer is full and that's it.

Is there something special I should set to enable that event/interrupt? What is the actual timeout time set as? Did anyone else manage to get the rxto event workng, and if, could you share the code relating to the config / function calls, please and thank you :) ?

I'm setting the UARTE RX transfer size to 32 bytes, but I would like to get the interrupt when the packet ends -> the line is idle -> rxto event should happen. We're using nrf52840 and nrf52832 chips with sdk13.1.

Thanks for the help.