How to understand this specification item?

I am dealing with the nRF24L01 to develop a remote controller. When I read the specification, I found a specification item, called C/ICO, with a typical value of 12dB in the @2Mbps case. How can I understand this item ? It just means that the signal level must be 12dB higher than the interference in the co-channel. So what about it when the ratio can not be 12dB higher? what about 5dB higher ? waht about 0dB ? Can I find the error bit ratio for different C/Ico value? Any reply would be appreciated, thanks.

  • Hi

    Your understanding is correct. If an interfering signal on the co-channel is more than 12dB stronger than your signal, it will block it out.

    We don't have any additional data on this, but the curve would look highly logarithmic. With a signal 12dB stronger you should see a bit error rate (BER) of 0.1%. Add another dB or two and I am sure you would have close to 100% BER. With only 5dB or 0dB separation your signal would be completely blocked.

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    Torbjørn Øvrebekk