Peer Manager and File Store


Here is my conditations;

  • using ukeil 5.
  • sd132 Version 5.
  • sdk version 14,2,17b948a

In my project, i am using secure connection. So peer manager enabled.

I have some configurations that i need save somehow. But i dont want to use external eeprom etc. Without peer manager, i can use fstorage. But when i activate the peer manager, i beleive there is some conflicting happening. We talked about this here

@Petter suggested me to use the fds and he gave me an example project.

I am a little confiused. When i read/write succesfull to/from the flash, i used flash_fstorage as reference.

But Petter suggested me to use fds. What is the difference between them?

If i want to use peer manager and internal flash for storage, what should i do?