NRF52832 maximum power output to pass FCC regulations

Dear Nordic,

I are using nrf52832 to develop a product that needs FCC certificate, We use a PA and can increase the output power up to 20 dBm and it seems that is lower than FCC limitations (its 21 dBm).

In FCC 15.247-2 it is said "The minimum 6 dB bandwidth shall be at least 500 kHz". I think it is OK for 52832.

But in another part of FCC they defined the limitation of the power density as bellow: "For digitally modulated systems, the power spectral density conducted from the intentional radiator to the antenna shall not be greater than 8 dBm in any 3 kHz band during any time interval of continuous transmission."

My question is that how much we can give power to antenna without closing to above mentioned limitation about power density. One of my friends told me that sometime a Nordic Specialist said for NRF52832 the maximum power level that can give the antenna after the PA without going over the limitations of power density (8dBm for 3KHz) is 13 dBm. Is it correct and can you give me your calculations your help me to find it?

Thanks, Mostafa