nRF52832 unmodulated carrier via timeslot?


my usecase is the following: I'd like to use SoftDevice for BLE Advertising / Scanning - every now and then I'd like to "pause" BLE for a few miliseconds and send data via an unmodulated carrier using on-off-keying. However I also need to swich between 2 frequencies. Such that at time t_i I'd be transmitting with frequency f1 and at t_i+1 I'd be transmitting with f2.

I have seen that the TimeSlot API seems to support what I need but my questions are mainly:

  1. By accessing the Radio from a TimeSlot - can I pick the frequency and just turn on the unmodulated carrier similar to the radio test in DTM?
  2. Since I need to switch between 2 frequencies: Is it known how long nRF52832 needs to switch between 2 frequencies?
  3. I saw that the nRF51 had a maximum time on how long the carrier should stay on. Is there a similar limitation on the nRF52?

Thank you very much, Paul