JLink cannot find nRF52810

Dear all,

I have made a nRF52810 module according to the reference circuit in datasheet and connect it to my PC via Segger JLink & SWD. Only 1 out of 3 notebook I tried can program the module via nRFgo studio. I tried for a week and still no solution. Can anyone told my how to debug? Thanks a lot!

  • The same JLink can program nRF51 series.
  • Waveform of both SWDIO & SWDCLK is ok
  • Cannot wok neither providing power via JLink/ external power supply
  • nRFgo can detect JLink and able to recover. But nothing changed after recover
  • nRFgo is most updated (V1.21.2.10)
  • Tried 3 JLink version (5.12f, 6.18 & 6.22g) and 2 JLink driver version ( &, both not OK
  • Tried in both Win7 & win 8 still doesn't work

Best Regards,