nRF51822 for new design


we plan to develop an BLE-application that needs to be as low cost as possible. One of my favourite BLE-SoCs in regard of pricing is the nRF51822-QFAB with 128kB Flash and 16kB RAM. I read here in the DevZone and the Infocenter about this SoC but i need to remove the concerns left.

In general, the nRF51822 supports the SoftDevices S110, S120, S130. Since I want the device to be either Central or Peripheral, i will have to use S120 or S130. I have seen in the Infocenter, that nRF51 SDK v10.0.0 is the latest SDK that supports all of these SoftDevices (S110. S120. S130). Futher releases support the S130 up to nRF5 SDK v12.3.0.

Is the nRF51822 deprecated? Do you know an End of Life/Production? Price is the most important aspect to me, so I do not want to use a nRF52.

Also, the SoftDevice (S130) uses 108kB+4kB of Flash. I guess the application will be rather small (mainly advertising after event occurs).
Do you think the nRF51822-QFAB is suitable to use S130?

We use IAR Embedded Workbench. So all I would have do to is to download the latest SDK that supports my SoftDevice and start the installer?

Kind regards and thank you in advance