Advertising signals is not seen by nRF-Connect.


I play with pca10040 and the light-switch example from SDK for Mesh v1.0.1.
Everything works but I wonder why the advertising signals
are not seen by nRF-Connect Scan.

As I used SDK for Mesh v1.0.0 (but with MtConnect05) I could see
the advertising.

My questions:
1. Why is the advertising packets are not detected anymore?
2. How could I detect them from a Rasperry Pi3 and Android?


  • Hi,

    Bluetooth Mesh uses Advertising Data types (AD types) in the advertising packet that has been assigned for the Mesh Profile Specification. For devices that do not have support for Bluetooth Mesh those AD types are unknown, and it looks like some systems may choose not to relay the advertising packet to applications in such cases.

    There is very little change from version 1.0.0 to version 1.0.1, and none that should affect advertising. That means you probably see exactly the same both for v1.0.0 and v1.0.1 if you use the same device for scanning. I.e. it all probably depends on how the device handles advertising packets that are formatted in an unknown way.

    I do have a couple of questions back. For what purpose are you detecting the advertising packets from an rPi3 or Android device? Perhaps we might have some other suggestions for how to achieve your end goals here.


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