Sniffer on OSX - revisited

It looks like the last discussion of Sniffer on Devzone was 2-3 yrs ago.

I’ve ordered the nRF Dongle and will download the Windows-based nRF Sniffer app.

i can run this with WireShark on a Windows VM on my Mac, though I would like a Mac OSX option.

- Any news on that front?

- Any way the Bluetooth hardware built into the MacBook could serve a Mac Sniffer app?


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  • I spent some time with on the phone and sharing screens to see if we could get my nRF Sniffer going.  As noted in this thread, he's been successful in getting the Sniffer going, although his environment is, in some cases, using older (and some newer) versions of components than are specified in the Sniffer Guide.

    Mohammand and I used every tool we knew, and it appears that:

    • the Dongle is working hardware wise, and also can be programmed by nRF Connect
    • WireShark is working
    • Python is working
    • Pyserial is installed (I don't know how to tell it's working except through a WireShark connection)
    • also working are Segger SES and nrf Connect on the Mac

    So, I'd still welcome some guidance, and offer a screen-share session at the Norwegian time of your choosing.  Anytime... really!

    Mange Tak!

    Dave (was "Gunnar" in my college Norwegian classes)

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