Sniffer on OSX - revisited

It looks like the last discussion of Sniffer on Devzone was 2-3 yrs ago.

I’ve ordered the nRF Dongle and will download the Windows-based nRF Sniffer app.

i can run this with WireShark on a Windows VM on my Mac, though I would like a Mac OSX option.

- Any news on that front?

- Any way the Bluetooth hardware built into the MacBook could serve a Mac Sniffer app?


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  • Thanks,

    I'll try downgrading to pyserial 3.2.1

    I used PIP to install ver 3.4. I can also see how to uninstall (pip uninstall pyserial) 

    I can also find the 3.2.1 version on GitHub at

    I need to learn how to install an older version.  I've reviewed the output of "pip install --help" on Mac Terminal, though it's not yet apparent how to install something less than the most recent version.

    Any ideas?


    Downgraded to pyserial 3.2.1 with:

    pip uninstall pyserial
    pip install pyserial==3.2.1

    No success yet.