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  • Short answer: S132 for nRF52832, S140 for nRF52840

    Looking at this now I absolutely agree that this should be made clear early in the documentation for the SoftDevices. I will bring this feedback to the SoftDevice team and hopefully they can make this simpler to find.

    If you look at the documentation of any of our nRF devices (not the SoftDevices, but the actual device) you will find a compatibility matrix showing which SoftDevices are supported by the device. Looking at these you will find that with the exception of early engineering samples, the nRF52832 uses S132 SoftDevices and the nRF52840 uses S140 SoftDevices.

    Best regards,
    Rune Holmgren

  • Thanks, that was the conclusion I came to; but it should be clearly & explicitly stated - we shouldn't have to do a Sherlock Holmes act to deduce it from the subtle clues ...

  • I hate to second the sentiment 2 years later but with Nordic (and a lot of other engineering companies) there seems to frequently be a lot of Sherlock Holmes acts going around... THEY know what they are talking about but newcomers to their technologies have no idea, initially, what is going on.