OS X / nRF Sniffer v2 / Wireshark 2.5.0 Crash

Hey Everyone ... Looking for some ideas / help with crash involving nRF Sniffer v2 and Wireshark. Specifically I have an older White MacBook that I use for sniffing and nRF Connect. Recently I tried to update everything to the new(er) version v2 of the sniffer, and while the install went fine, Wireshark crashes every time I try to *start* a "capture".

Specific Setup is:

2010 MacBook (4GB Ram) / El Cap 10.11.6 / Wireshark 2.5.0 / Pyserial 3.4 / Python 2.7.10 / JLink 6.16c / Nordic Dongle (pca10031) with the correct firmware.

Long story short, when I install the Nordic python sniffer files in the "extcap" directory, Wireshark will crash when I try to start a capture (NOT at startup / launch). If I remove the nRF sniffer files, Wireshark runs normally (i.e. when I start a capture on say an ethernet port, it works correctly without crashing). I could post a crash report, but I'd rather not ... essentially it's showing a bus error (exc_bad_access) which seems to indicate that Wireshark is trying access something in memory that it shouldn't ... Anyone have any thoughts?

  • Wireshark 2.5.x is an unstable line, this is the naming convention used by wireshark , where the odd numbers are unstable and the even numbers are stable.

    So 2.4.x is stable while 2.5.x is unstable.

    You should be using Wireshark 2.4.x line and the 2.4.6 is the latest version I have successfully used. I have used pre-built binaries from the Wireshark website.

    **Always use the pre-built versions of Wireshark, we do not support user built versions of Wireshark**

    **Use version 2.4.6 binaries as downloaded from the Wireshark website.**

  • So I didn't specifically state this in my original post, but I have tried Wireshark 2.4.2 and 2.4.5 ... same result ... crash.

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