linkerskript for s130 for gcc

Hi, i need to write a linker script for using S130 in my project. in the moment i don't want to use a boot loader so maybe some one can help me with the correct addresses. Did i understand it correct?



0x2000 4000 End of Ram

???? Stack

???? Heap

		RAM used by Application 

0x2000 2800 Start of Ram used by Application

		RAM used by S130 = 10 kB

0x2000 0000 Start of Ram+ start of RAM used by S130 —————————————————————

————————————————————— Flash

0x0004 0000 End of Application

		Application  size = 128 kB

0x0002 00C0 Start of Application

0x0002 0000 Start of Application Vector Table

		S130 size = 128 kB	

0x0000 00C0 Start of S130

		System Vector Table

0x0000 0000 Start of Memory —————————————————————

So how to write the linker script? Is it something like this?

/* Linker script to configure memory regions for Softdevice S130  */
GROUP(-lgcc -lc -lnosys)

  FLASH (rx) : ORIGIN = 0x00020000, LENGTH = 0x20000		/* 128 kB is taken by S130, 128 kB available for application. */
  RAM (rwx)  : ORIGIN = 0x20002800, LENGTH = 0x2800 		/* 10 kB, 6 kB is taken by S130. */
INCLUDE "gcc_nrf51_common.ld"

i really need to understand this, thanks for helping. -Nils