Debug ATSAM3U2C from nRF51822 mKit in Windows

Hello everyone!

Firs of all consider I'm very new in micro controllers programming/debugging, so your patience would be much appreciated.

I have a nRF51822 mKit like the one below and what I really need is to debug the firmware from the Atmel ATSAM3U2C on it.

image description

Till now, what I achieved is to compile my own bootloader firmware (which is the default given by Nordic with some "print" added), compile it on a bin file and install on the chip by connecting it in bootloader mode... and just works fine, same as the default one. I was able to load app through mbed compiler as before.

Then, searching in this web and others, I watches some tutorials and what I saw is you can debug the chip directly through USB without any debugger with pyOCD.

I installed it, all wrking fine, but when I run the file in test folder I get the following message either I try in normal mode or bootloader mode:

image description

I don't think the problem are the drivers because as I said before the kit works just fine with mbed compiler.

So if anyone could give me a push with a small tutorial or some instructions on how to achieve that I would be very grateful. I only need to see the prints I made on a console.

In case you tell me debugging directly with USB it is not possible with the nRF51822 I also have the ULINK2 debugger from Keil, which as far as I read, it is compatible with the mKit.

Thanks a lot in advance!