How is the compatibility of Nrf52840's zigbee with other manufactures?

Hi, I have 2 questions regarding Nrf52840's zigbee connectivity.

1. Is it compatible with ALL other chip manufacturers, or at least, what about TI? CC2530? Zigbee has a notorious reputation for running on the same stack but unable to communicate with each other just because the manufacturers are different.

2. Is there any good "getting started" tutorial? On nrf52840's zigbee?

Thank you!

  • Hi Mitchell, 

    Very similar to the Bluetooth world, the solution for compatibility between vendors is to qualify and get certified with the Zigbee Alliance. 

    We're aiming at getting our first production release of our stack, certified for Zigbee v3.0, by the second half of 2018. 

    I don't have any data on how or stack is compatible with CC2530, but we do have our demo talking with IKEA Trådfri light bulb which is running on Siliconlab Gecko chip without any problem.


    We currently don't have any tutorial except for our getting started guide here


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