Multiple Connections with HR and CSC beacons using nrf52832 dk as the central board


I would like to connect nearly 20 heart rate bands to the nrf52832 which has to configured as the central board and has to collect all the heart rate data from the peripherals. I am using the Segger Embedded Studio with nrf52_sdk_15.0 examples. As of now I am just trying to communicate with only one heart rate device with the nrf52dk using BLE_HRS_C example, but the issue is that I am able to scan and establish the connection but only the battery service data is connection not the actual heart rate values. Is there any constraints that nordic dk can only communicate another nordic chip ? I have also tried to connect with the UART_C code too and facing the same issue. So What am I supposed to do to read the values ? There is no issue with the sensor since i am able to read the values with the nRF connect destop applicaton using the board and in the mobile application as well. And if this works out then what should i do for connection of multiple peripherals with the central device ? Which program should i use or alter for this data accumulation such are HRS_C, UART_C , Multilink_C etc. 

The Bands which i have tried are as follows: 




IR107 Plus HR (With nrf52832 chip and yet to be tested)

I have also tried the link given The link given is similar to our requirements but the given link was given for nrf52840 and its use s140. When I open the BLE_aggregator folder, it is given for pca100056 but ours is pca100040 and it doesn’t have the ses project. I have even tried with pca100056 i am able to build the project but it is not building since some of the libraries are missing. 

This is very crucial and I have been trying this for the past  month and not able to come up with a solution. Kindly revert as soon as possible.

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Santosh Krishnan