Nordic Thingy 52 / nRF52840 DK


I am new to Nordic products so please apologize me if I am asking a trivial question, but a bit lost on it. I would like to use Thingy 52 board for my project ( I wanted to add one external sensor on existing I2C bus on Thingy ). The problem which I have I don't know how to to setup the environment and programming tools in order to work with the source code which you provided. I have found that the Thingy could be programmed or via 10 pin connector or over the air but how to do it in the right way is problematic for me to understand how to make it works ( either way is fine )

I get also the nRF52840 DK due to the fact that what I have read is already J-Link embedded and 10pin header for programming is there as well. No the question is how to make it use. So in general some receipt how to get environment to be ready for development. I think it should be like that but I am not sure. 

1. Download the Keil or GCC and install it on your machine

2. Connect nRF52840 DK via microUSB and connect the Thingy 52 via 10 pin connector to nRF52840 DK

3. Open the project in Keil 

4. Compile the source code provided 


Thank you very much in advance and sorry for maybe simple question.


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