[NRF5][adafruit-nrf52-pro-feather] Transfer audio files from PC to Adafruit board, then sending via BLE

Dear all,

I am using an adafruit-nrf52-pro-feather (nrf52832) to run my project of detecting voice by this below scenario:

++ Setting up:

[PC] ==== USB cable =====[Adafruit] * * * BLE * * * [Phone]

+ Audio files are very small size (less than 100kB or 20 seconds), with ADPCM format


+ USB cable which is delivered together with the board, but currently I am using as UART port for monitoring serial log.


I still have some concerns for this scenario as:

1) For transferring audio files from PC to the Adafruit, what are the available approaches ?

Is there any way to use the same USB cable and still have UART port debugging normally?

2) I suppose the received audio files would stay in RAM by default, but is Ada RAM enough for the above size?

3) Can I send the file (in RAM) directly via BLE or I need to do somethings else before sending via BLE?


I appreciate any suggestions/helps or some reference links.

Best Regards,

James, Dinh