NRF51822 Infinty loop on sample code

Hello, I'm using the nRF51822_QFAA chip on a pca20006 board.
I downloaded sample code from the offical site.
Installed sample code nRF51822_beacon_firmware_1.1.1.msi.
I use ST-Link/V2 as a programmer.

I use IDE is Keil uVision5 ( ARM Edition.
I think example project using 7.1.0 SDK.

I opened the example project named ble_app_beacon_s110_pca20006.
(C:\Nordic Semiconductor\nRF51822 Beacon v1.1.1\Source Code\nrf51_beacon\ble_app_beacon\pca20006\s110\arm)

The project was not compiled when I first started. (core_cm0.h not found.)
I added this path.
The problem is resolved.

This time the application is not loaded device.
I made the programmer settings.
The problem is resolved.

This time the application is not debug device.
I changed the device model.
The problem is resolved.

I changed the device XTAL 12Mhz to 16MHz.

Now the application is in an infinity loop on sd_softdevice_enable(clock_source, softdevice_assertion_handler);.

I replaced the crystal source with the following;

But the result has not changed.

Thanks for your help.