nRF52832 Extended Advertising


I'm trying to use the extended advertising to advertise more than 31 B per packet.

I have been through posts on this forum and the ble_app_rscs example to figure out how to get such feature working, but didn't succeed.

My question is: is it possible to achieve extended advertising using nRF52832, SDK 15.0 and S132 v6.0?

In this post it is said to be possible, while in this one it is said we have to wait for S132 v6.1.

  • Hi Gino,

    The correct answer is that the 6.0.0 SoftDevice does support extended advertising, but not more than 31B (This will be increased significantly in 6.1.0)

    The reason this is still called extended advertising is that the format of the advertising packet is changed to now send a "pointer" to a data channel (the advertising packet itself was on an advertising channel). The scanner then reads the advertising data from the data channel. This fancy new advertising packet will not be parsed correctly unless the scanner supports extended advertising. (No matter the length of the advertising data.)

    I hope this helps clear it out :)

    You could always use scan response to get 31 additional bytes if that helps you. If 62 bytes total is enough you would retain compatibility with far more devices since only very new products have started supporting advertising extensions.