FDS error base num

I am starting to use FDS for saving data to flash memory. In the "flash_fds" example the macro APP_ERROR_CHECK() is used to check for errors in most of the function calls, for example 

    rc = fds_stat(&stat);


    ret_code_t err_code = app_timer_init();

I now tried using the same type of error handling in my code but recently I ran into an error "0x00000007" which I interpreted as "NRF_ERROR_INVALID_PARAM". But after some investigation I found that I was really seeing the "FDS_ERR_NO_SPACE_IN_FLASH" error.

In fds.h the errors in the "FDS return values." enum overlaps the same error series as the definitions in "nrf_error.h".

I would rather like to see the FDS using some kind of base number, as used in "nrfx_error.h" where NRFX_ERROR_BASE_NUM is defined as 0x0BAD0000 and the rest of the errors are added to this base number.

How would you suggest I solve this in my case?