Source Navigator in Segger Embedded Studio reports "unknown register name 'vfpcc' in asm"

Using SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM
Release 3.34a  Build 2018022300.35192
Windows x64


GCC/BINUTILS: Built using the GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain version 6-2017-q2-update source distribution

In the Output pane with "Source Navigator" selected, every file gets this error:

unknown register name 'vfpcc' in asm

Error line is in cmsis_gcc.h

\brief Set FPSCR
\details Assigns the given value to the Floating Point Status/Control register.
\param [in] fpscr Floating Point Status/Control value to set
__attribute__( ( always_inline ) ) __STATIC_INLINE void __set_FPSCR(uint32_t fpscr)
#if (__FPU_PRESENT == 1U) && (__FPU_USED == 1U)
/* Empty asm statement works as a scheduling barrier */
__ASM volatile ("");
__ASM volatile ("VMSR fpscr, %0" : : "r" (fpscr) : "vfpcc");
__ASM volatile ("");

NOTE: This does not appear to prevent building.  It is distracting and can misdirect new users.

Is there any workaround or fix for this issue?