Can not see any CoAP packets on sniffer when Leader role

[development software, with versions]

  1. nRF5_SDK_for_Thread_and_Zigbee_v1.0.0
  2. RaspPi_OT_Border_Router_Demo_v1.0.0-1.alpha
  3. NCP example located in <InstallFolder>/examples/thread/ncp/uart/hex/nrf52840_xxaa.hex
  4. nRF52840-PDK
  5. Raspberry Pi connect through an Ethernet cable to my switch that provides IPv4 connectivity with the DHCP service.

I've asked this question before. I'd like to create similar application, using nRF5_SDK_for_Thread_and_Zigbee_v1.0.0. My application is based on ble_app_blinky_c. I've added Thread protocol support to it, referring to Adding dynamic multiprotocol Thread support to BLE examples, and called thread_coap_utils_cloud_data_update(...) function in on_adv_report(...) function. In thread_instance_init(...) function, I've set

.role                  = RX_OFF_WHEN_IDLE,

then (built and) run. After that, OT_DEVICE_ROLE become Child and it works (I can see CoAP packets on sniffer). So that, I've set

.role                  = RX_ON_WHEN_IDLE,

then (built and) run. After that, OT_DEVICE_ROLE become Child or Router or Leader. When OT_DEVICE_ROLE become Child or Router, my application works (I can see CoAP packets on sniffer). But when OT_DEVICE_ROLE become Leader, I can not see any CoAP packets on sniffer (Of course, thread_coap_utils_cloud_data_update(...) function is called many times). In this case, when my application starts from OT_DEVICE_ROLE_CHILD, (after a short time) OT_DEVICE_ROLE changes to Router, then (after a short time) OT_DEVICE_ROLE changes to Leader (and CoAP packets are disappeared on sniffer).

Is this behavior expected? Can anyone help me?

By the way, is there any way to limit OT_DEVICE_ROLE Child and Router? SetLeaderRoleEnabled = false, or something...
Thank you.

EDIT: I've uploaded .

EDIT2: I've uploaded .