A Problem on Buttonless DFU + Bonding valid.

Currently, we are testing that 「buttonless DFU + Bonding valid」 in our App.

But After performing F / W Update with DFU, other BLE Service became invisible.(※2)

So, as a result of comparing the log of the Normal Project(No problem) with the log of the current problem project,

I found that there are the following differences.(In the normal case, the following events will occur.)


And Compared & checked "sdk_config.h", "makefile", "linkscript file", "source file", etc. But did not find a place likely to be a cause.

How can I solve this problem?

Why does the above log difference occur?

Please answer me about my question.

※ SDK Version


※ IC


※ Problem Project'SDK Config File



<Before DFU Update>


<After DFU Update>