THE uart of 52832

When I used  "nRF5_SDK_15.0.0_a53641a\examples\ble_central\ble_app_uart_c " ,  it run ok .    But my hareware  is used  PIN33 for RX,  PIN32 for TX. So I  changed  pca10040.h ,please see the following .  And now the software doesn't  run. The J-LINK shows  "  0> <error> app: Communication error occurred while handling UART. ".

WHY? please help me. thank you.  My board is uesd 52832.

#define RX_PIN_NUMBER 19  / /8
#define TX_PIN_NUMBER 18  //6

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  • Hi!

    I can see that you have another post almost identical to this one, that one of my colleagues has reponded to. I'll copy their answer to this thread as well.
    As you didn't repond to my colleagues answer, might we assume that the issue has been resolved?

    Martin's answer:

    "Why do you change the RX pin? Do you connect it to something else? If you connect it to something else, do you also connect the other device to ground?

    If you just change the pin number, but don't connect anything to it, it will be left floating in the wind and will pick up noise. The UART will then believe that the noise is actual data, but not be able to make sense of it. Then it generates a Communication error. "

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