Flash storage of proxy_client of mesh-sdk-2.1.1

Hi Nordic experts:

I want to know more exactly about the flash usage of the proxy_client example of mesh-sdk-2.1.1, 

As I dig down the source code so far, I find there is "NET_FLASH_PAGE_COUNT=1" and "DSM_FLASH_PAGE_COUNT=1" definition when PERSISTENT_STORAGE is enable.

They are at 0x7F000 and 0x7D000 separately.

Could any one share which parameters are store in these two pages?

Besides, Are there any other pages used for other purpose? (maybe for application-layer parameters storage...., etc)


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  • Hi , 


    The NET_FLASH_PAGE stores the network state data such as IV number and sequence number of the node. See seqnum_block_allocate() and flash_store_iv_index() and net_state_recover_from_flash()

    The DSM_FLASH_PAGE stores the Device stat manager data including addresses, appkey, subnet keys, device key. Please have a look at device_state_manager.c

    I don't think we have other pages used in our example, except for the defrag recovery page as mentioned in the flash manager documentation. The net state page located right before the defrag recovery page and the dsm page located before the net state page, check function dsm_flash_area_get().