DevZone doesn't work on most of my machines!

Ever since you guys updated the site months ago, I haven't been able to post anything from a non-mobile device. I've tried multiple browsers and the only ones that work consistently are the Samsung browser and Firefox Focus on my Galaxy S7. Now, I can't even reply to a comment from any device or any browser. The only way I can think to notify Aryan that I updated a question:

is to post this one. This is what I see when I refresh the page, and I get another one if I try to reply.

  • Hi Elias, 


    I have checked but couldn't find an issue with your account. Could you try again by openning an incognito/private tab in Chrome/Firefox and login with your credential ? 

    I suspect there could be an error with the cookies. Aryan is on vacation for a few weeks. You may want to create a new case if you have further question.