Finding the right device and connecting


I'm trying to solve the issue of connecting a central device (nRF52832 running experimental ATT MTU example) with a particular peripheral device (also, nRF52832 running ATT MTU example) when several identical peripheral devices are available in the vicinity, without (or with minimal) user intervention. The only literature I could find says that the peripheral needs to advertise with a unique name or uuid to be identified by the central but that seems to require re-compiling the code for each peripheral. What are some ways of solving this?



  • Hi, 


    How do you plan to distinguish them ?  Can you connect to them by looking for their unique MAC address ? You don't need to modify the firmware code to have different MAC address. 

    Another option you can use is to advertise extra data, saying putting one byte in the Manufacturer data field to identify them, say board 1 board 2 board 3, and it can change that number by a button press.