nrf52840 dongle and pc-ble-driver


I'm trying to use the python bindings for pc-ble-driver with an NRF52840 dongle and I'm having trouble flashing the connectivity FW. I've used the bindings with an NRF51 dongle using nrfjprog and it works fine, but the new dongles don't have a programmer built in and use a serial interface instead.

I've tried using the DFU serial method to package the connectivity hex as an application but it doesn't seem to run correctly and I have to manually reset the dongle. I've also tried using nrf connect to flash the device but it does not allow flashing for hex files that write over more than one region. I split the hex file into two regions (soft device and application) and I can flash but the device still doesn't work.

I'm using connectivity_2.0.1_115k2_with_s132_5.0.hex

Is the dongle supported? If so, how do I configure it to use pc-ble-driver and be compatible with the python bindings?