NRF52840 Dongle PCA10059 UART issues

Hello everyone, I am trying to send and receive messages over UART using Teraterm, the PCA10059 dongle and the UART Android app.

I was following the directions found in the sdk documentation

I was able to flash the example program into the PCA10059 found in sdk 15 using nrfutil: nRF5_SDK_15.0.0_a53641a\examples\ble_peripheral\ble_app_uart\pca10056\s140

I have two questions: 

  • Is it possible at all to use this example app with the PCA10059 even though it is a project for PCA10056?
  • If so, then how can I actually test my program? I can't seem to get Teraterm to recognize the COM port when the device is plugged in, although the UART Android app is able to read and connect to the dongle. Teraterm only recognizes something is connected to the COM port when the dongle is in bootloader mode. 

I appreciate any input from you guys, thanks!