Getting provisioner to work with custom model


I've created my own custom model which allows a client to control the duty cycle of a couple PWM outputs which are on the server. My model is quite simple, it just consists of a few opcodes which send the channel status and the channel duty cycle to the server, and the ability to retrieve the status of the channels from the server.

There is only 1 client and 1 server, but I need to provision them. I tried using the Simple OnOff provisioner, but it won't work. It attempts to connect to my client with my custom model but fails. I notice in the source in files like node_setup.c, there are references to the Simple OnOff model all over the place.

Is there a template somewhere for creating a barebones provisioner to provision a single client and server without anything extra?

I looked  at but it there are just mentions to single functions without any code.

Is there somewhere I can look to for creating a custom provisioner?