About version and SDK question in nRF52810 , and 2.4G question

Hi ,

SDK : nRF5_SDK_15.0.0_a53641a

Chip : nFR52810
【1】Is nRF52810 only use pca10040e (nRF52832 = pca10040 , nRF52840 = pca10056) ? And can't use wrong (nRF52810 use pca10040 )?

【2-1】In examples proprietary_rf , Here is only the example of pca10040 , So I have to download a lower version of the SDK ?

【2-2】This examples ,esb_ptx should be transmitter ,  and esb_prx is  receiver?

【2-3】What is the difference between esb_low_power_ptx  and esb_ptx ? esb_ptx  transmission distance is far?

【2-4】In example file proprietary_rf \ gzll , what is gzll ? Many abbreviations don't know what it is.

(gzp and ack are the same)(Or where is the document detailed ? Instead of every project, go in and see...)

Thank you all, my foundation is not good, but I will study hard.