How to get Central name and unique UUID?

Hi all,

I use nRF52832 with the UART peripheral example.

I need to get the name and unique UUID of the Central I'm connecting to (after connection).

The Central can either be Android, iOS or nRF52832 with the Central code of the UART example.

I use SDK V15.0.0 and Softdevice V 6.0.0

How do I go about doing that?

I'm am new to BLE and my knowledge is limited, specific detailed answers will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

  • Hi,

    The device name of the central is contained in the device name characteristic, if it has a name. It can then be extracted through the GATT layer by discovering the service. After you have done a service discovery, you will be able to get the device name and UUID.

    Also, if you are using the UART central example, you would need to add a service with a name characteristic.