Mesh Key refresh approach questions


As per mesh SDK 2.1.1, if I removing the provisioned node through key refresh approach from provisioner then...

1. First should I required to update the all node's(except one, which is removing) network key by "config_client_netkey_update()", with the help of binding config client to each config server one by one and use this API? Is there any method so that all the provisioned node's network key can be updated in single cycle?

2. Then after in provisioner should I start the key refresh procedure for changing the network key? so that by receiving secured network beacons in NRF_MESH_BEACON_SECURE_NET_BCAST_INTERVAL_SECONDS interval all nodes start key refresh procedure by itself.

what if in this approach some of the nodes are powered off or out of network at that time? Is there any solution or workaround for such type of scenario?