SES Setup Advice Breaks Examples: undefined reference to `__fs_data_load_start__', etc

This blog describes how to set up SES (Segger Embedded Studio) for use with nRF SDK:

The following modification is suggested in thumb_crt0.s - so that fstorage works:

ldr r2, =__tdata_end__
bl memory_copy
# ADD HERE ... 
ldr r0, =__fs_data_load_start__
ldr r1, =__fs_data_start__
ldr r2, =__fs_data_end__
bl memory_copy
# TO HERE ...

But this will break any example which does not use fstorage; eg the LED Softblink example:

undefined reference to `__fs_data_load_start__'
undefined reference to `__fs_data_start__'
undefined reference to `__fs_data_end__'

Is there a way to make this conditional on the use of fstorage?

Otherwise, I guess we'll just have to have two versions of thumb_crt0.s  ?