Bluetooth 5 range through human body (particularly outdoors when signal can't reflect off something as wall or floor...

Regarding range through human body, is bluetooth 5 coming with real improvements ? Can anyone testify ? for example, for a sensor behind the torso in the middle of the line of the shoulders...

Regarding nRF52840 which is coming with all BLE 5 options and especially long range with +4 dB improved gain, I guess that it must be better ; but is it really significant (particularly outdoors when signal can't reflect on walls or floors..) ?

What about nRF52832 ? is running bluetooth 5 will also help thanks to others new features (new advertising extensions, increased broadcast capacity and improved co-existence) ?

Thanks for you advices as I need to decide if I can continue to invest time and money to use bluetooth 5 with nRF52832 ? or really consider to migrate as soon as possible to nRF52840 ?


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