How to test one channel Advertising?

Dear Nordic

how i test one channel advertising?

I change inside advertising_init() 

   ble_gap_adv_params_t m_adv_params;

   m_adv_params.channel_mask[4] =0x60;       // advertising only in channel 39

Is it right way  or anything additional settings needed?

Tested in nrf52832 DK using SDK 15 its advertising but i don't know is this work properly how i know its advertising only in channel 39

can you help me to achieve this?

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  • Thank you

    I set 39 channel  for Advertising and in scanner 37 and 38 channel for scanning

    Modification in Advertiser:-

    m_adv_params.channel_mask[4] = 0x60; (for 39 channel)

    Modification in Scanner:-

    static ble_gap_scan_params_t const m_scan_params =
    .extended = 1,
    .active = 1,
    .interval = SCAN_INTERVAL,
    .window = SCAN_WINDOW,
    .timeout = SCAN_DURATION,
    .scan_phys = BLE_GAP_PHY_1MBPS,
    .filter_policy = BLE_GAP_SCAN_FP_ACCEPT_ALL,
    .channel_mask[4] =0x80,

    for 37 and 38 channel scanning

    but scanner gets Advertising is it any wrong in my procedure?