Read only mass storage application using External NOR Flash Drive

I have an application where a unit contains a nrf52840 and will act as a central device, collect the data from peripheral device and store into the onboard memory. Upon the completion of the collection,The data must be fetched from the unit using a USB cable. The unit must be self contained, so using the SD card is not a feasible option. I checked the USB mass storage example that uses 64Mbit NOR flash and mounts it as a USB mass storage. Which is too low capacity for my need. So I am considering to use MX66L2G45G, which is in the same product line with 2Gbit Capacity and I suppose the SDK library will support that out of the box (correct me if I am wrong here). Can the SDK library create a file system for 2Gbit and mount it as a USB drive just as shown in the example? Or will I run into problems?

When I ran the example, I saw that I could also drag and copy the data from the computer to the flash. For my need, i need that USB mass storage to be read only. Any suggestion on the best way to do all this?