nrfjprog version: 9.7.3 fails nrftool success

ruuvi is connected to ruuvi dev board to Nordic dev board connected to Mac book pro.

As usual

nrfjprog --family nrf52 --sectoranduicrerase --program  ruuvitag_b/s132/armgcc/_build/ruuvi_firmware.hex
 --verify --reset


SDH:INFO:sd_ble_enable: RAM START at 0x20002c00

SDH:warning:sd_ble_enable: app_ram_base should be adjusted to 0x20002798

SDH:warning:ram size should be adjusted to 0xd868

nrfjprog version: 9.7.3

JLinkARM.dll version: 6.33a

+++++++++ So. ++++++

nrfutil pkg generate --hw-version 52                 \

--sd-req 0x91                                         \

--debug-mode                                         \

--key-file ../../keys/ruuvi_open_private.pem         \

--application ruuvitag_b/s132/armgcc/_build/ruuvi_firmware.hex \      $

Email to iPhone, nRFtoolbox DFU and after many

INFO:Sending CRC


INFO:Inside main

:INFO:In nrf_bootloader_init

:INFO:In real nrf_dfu_init

:INFO:running nrf_dfu_settings_init

:INFO:Enter nrf_dfu_continue

:INFO:Valid App

:INFO:Enter nrf_dfu_app_is_valid

:INFO:Return true. App was valid

:INFO:Enter nrf_dfu_app_is_valid

My app runs fine !

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