Is there a standard/spec for the UUID used for provisionee devices?

I don't see anything in the mesh examples that indicates a standard UUID format is used. 

It allows the first half to be user generated, then just pulls the rest from FICR->DEVICEID.

In our BLE system, we used the MAC address to identify devices. 

Can we generate our own UUID format to include the MAC address, company id, device type, etc?

  • Hi,

    According to the Mesh Profile Specification, section 3.10.3 "Device UUID", the UUID must follow the format of rfc4122 and a generation procedure that ensures the uniqueness of each UUID.

    The Device UUID is set in nrf_mesh_init(), which is invoked indirectly from the mesh application using mesh_stack_init().

    Default value is made up of DEVICEID and DEVICEADDR, both of which are random (yet unique) values written to Factory information configuration registers (FICR) during production of the SoC. The reason for using those values for the default is that they are suited for the purpose.

    You can override the default Device UUID by providing your own UUID value through the mesh_stack_init_params_t structure sent to mesh_stack_init(). E.g. create your own uint8_t[NRF_MESH_UUID_SIZE] containing the UUID and point init_params.core.p_uuid to it before the call to mesh_stack_init(&init_params, ...).


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