[Bug] nrf_qspi_cinstrdata_get didn't collect data from both CINSTRDAT1 and CINSTRDAT0

The function nrf_qspi_cinstrdata_get has logic bug that didn't combine data from both register


e.g if the length = 6, it will go into the first switch, get the first byte from CINSTRDAT1. The next switch that got data from CINSTRDAT0 will never executed since the length is 6 (out of all cases).

  • Hi,

    Thank you for notifying us about this. It is highly appreciated! Yes, it looks like a bug, and I have registered it in our internal tracker.

    If you have a look at the corresponding ..._set() function you will see that there everything is in the same switch block, with the change of the "reg" variable halfway through the cases. I think most likely that approach would be correct for the ..._get() as well, and if not there should at least be a comment explaining why.


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