Monitor Mode Debugging not working with nRF52, IAR EWARM 8.30, and S132 (SDK15.0.0)

My environment is:

Windows 7

JLink Plus v9.3

IAR EWARM 8.30.1

SDK 15.0.0

Softdevice S132.

My hardware is a custom board with a Rigaldo BMD300 module (contains the nRF52832) and a few SPI-to-UART bridges.

I can debug code unless the software device is running.  I have a problem where my code gets lost after receiving a BLE message so I need to step through the code after the BLE message arrives.

Monitor mode should work but it seems that most of the blog entries for Monitor Mode using IAR have disappeared or are no longer available - like

I have found the JLINK_MONITOR.h, JLINK_MONITOR.h, and JLINK_MONITOR_ISR_IAR.s files and added them to my project.

What I have not found is how to enter the commands to the JLinkGDBServerCL:

mon exec SetMonModeDebug=1
mon exec SetMonModeVTableAddr=0x26000

Any help would be appreciated.  I have sent email asking for help to Segger but I've seen turn around time from Segger be anywhere from hours to weeks to never.