In nrfx_power_clock.h, NRFX_IRQ_IS_ENABLED(POWER_CLOCK_IRQn) gives the error: expected expression before ')' token

The build environment is a clean install of SEGGER Embedded Studio for ARM Release 3.50  Build 2018081000.36713 Windows x64

The nRF5_SDK_15.2.0_9412b96 version SDK is used, targeting the nRF52840 processor

The idea being to be as up-to-date as possible, with no legacy code being included in the project.

A new SEGGER project was created (i.e. not starting from an example project*), which then has all the NFRX Modules added to it, as configured by nfrx_config.h.

nrfx_glue.h and nrfx_log.h were copied into the project from the sdk directory modules\nrfx\templates

The only change made to them so far is to un-comment the line #include <soc/nrfx_irqs.h> inside nrfx_glue.h

I have found that all the NFRX Modules compile OK, with the sole exceptions of nfrx_power.c, and nfrx_power_clock.c and nfrx_clock.c

Those files all fail because they include nfrx_power_clock.h, which gives an error.

On line 68 they encounter   if (!NRFX_IRQ_IS_ENABLED(POWER_CLOCK_IRQn)), in which POWER_CLOCK_IRQn seems to be undefined.

[*None of the example projects seem to use the new NFRX modules, and so they are not appropriate starting points for a fresh new project]