JLINK Cannot be Connected


I am trying to use nrf5280dk with RIOT OS and Contiki OS. I am following these steps to enable access to the device from os.



Setup: Running RIOT OS with vagrant (Virtual Box) in Windows 10 Host machine.

Setup: Running Contiki OS with vagrant (Virtual Box) in Windows 10 Host machine.

I installed the required tools. But, I am getting the following error when I try to connect with the device (nrF52dk)

This image is from RIOT.

I can surely say Contiki was able to detect the device where as I cannot confirm the same for RIOT OS.

Though the error message remains same for both.

The following image is from Contiki, I feel this is some kind of driver issue. But, there is only one software needed.

Exactly same result when I tried this command in RIOT OS.

Update: I was able to connect but not able to flash in Contiki.

I have a followup issue, so instead of creating a new one, I am going to add the same here.

Also, having trouble flashing the board nrf52dk.

**Setup**: Windows 10 Host, Virtual Contiki OS (Ubuntu 14). Using VMWare Workstation Player.

I am following the Tutorials from these links:

1) devzone.nordicsemi.com/.../setting-up-ipv6-over-ble-using-nrf52-series-and-co
2) github.com/.../Platform-nrf52dk

**Command**: Target=nrf52dk make

I am able to connect with the device using J-Link using both connect and usb.
So, Contiki-OS is able to read and connect with the device correctly.

Please help. Let me know if I am missing something or if this is some kind of driver issue or something else. Thanks.