Why isn’t the SDK written in C++?

This may be an unpopular question but the Nordic SDK seems to go to great length to perform what is effectively object-oriented programming while still avoiding c++. This leads to, among other things, an overly complex sdk rife with macro string concatenation and other evils. In our project we spent the first six months wrapping every part of the sdk into a coherent object model. The wrapping was painful but paid off dividends when we went to actually do the real work. 

Hopefully I don’t need to extol the virtues of c++ in embedded systems. Others have already done that for years: https://www.embedded.com/design/programming-languages-and-tools/4438660/Modern-C--in-embedded-systems---Part-1--Myth-and-Reality

Has Nordic considered this?  It would make your products much more attractive, at least to us.