When should you use the nrf_pwr_mgmt module?

I'm reading the SDK15.2 documentation coming from SDK 11.  I've noticed the nrf_pwr_mgmt module, but I haven't seen it utilized by any of the examples.  When should this module be used?  It seems like its not required for Power Optimization, so I'm a bit baffled at to its purpose.  


  • Hi Jeff.

    The nrf_pwr_mgmt module is utilized by most examples with the call nrf_pwr_mgmt_run();
    In the main-loop in most examples the function idle_state_handle(); is called, and inside this function the nrf_pwr_mgmt_run(); function is called.
    It's used to make the CPU enter sleep mode and remain in sleep mode until an event occurs. This is done by a _WFE() instruction either in nrf_pwr_mgmt_run() or in sd_app_evt_wait().

    - Andreas

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