How to reset nRF24L01+

I'm using nRF24L01+ since some time, the version on board with LNA end PA with very good results. The electronic is shielded on that module.

Very rarely it happens that the module RF remains idle and the only way to recover is to power off and on again.

Micro reset is not able to recover from that state.

Is there a way to reset nRF24L01+?

Thanks for your help,

Enzo Ternavasio

  • Hi,

    Make sure you have followed this procedure:

    The RX_DR IRQ is asserted by a new packet arrival event. The procedure for handling this interrupt should be:

    1) read RX payload width by calling R_RX_PL_WID. (Note: Flush RX FIFO if the read value is larger than 32 bytes.)

    2) read payload through SPI.

    3) clear RX_DR IRQ.

    4) read FIFO_STATUS to check if there are more payloads available in RX FIFO.

    5) if there are more data in RX FIFO, repeat from step 1).

    There are no known issues that should cause the nRF24L01+ to "hang", but you may try to toggle the PWR_UP bit and re-write the configuration.

    Best regards,